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Best Binary Brokers with OKPay

OKPay is an entrenched and secure approach to carry out your online payments into your exchanging account. OKPay acknowledges financing in 98 distinctive ways including bank exchange, Visa, Mastercard and through electronic payments. OKPay is accessible in more than 200 nations worldwide and acknowledges 21 monetary forms crosswise over 52 payment frameworks. OKPay is presently being utilized by more than 122,000 people and more than 900 organizations – a significant number of which are online financier firms.

Best Binary Brokers with OKPay

OKPay is to a great degree broadly utilized among merchants. Here’s only a couple that we prescribe.

The Benefits of OKPay

There are numerous advantages to utilizing OKPay, these incorporate the way that you can approach an OKPay card which enables you to go to an ATM and pull back money from your OKPay ewallet.

You can finance your card with money at various retailers around the world, which is ideal for those clients that don’t have a bank account or a credit card.

Where physical money financing is utilized, security is high as neither OKPay nor the representative you store to will at any point go over your own saving money subtle elements(details).

With the digital wallet you can carry out payments, to purchase on the web, get cash and pay membership expenses utilizing just your OKPay details.

OKPay offers progressing advancements to their clients including prizes, deals and rebates from their accomplices.

How OKPay Works

There are three primary manners by which you can utilize OKPay.

  • The first is as a payment card. You can exchange funds to your OKPay card specifically from your bank account, charge card or other electronic payment strategies. From here you can pull out money from an ATM machine, pay for products and ventures web based including financing your exchanging account and obviously make buys.
  • The second technique is opening a digital wallet. Utilizing this technique, you will never need to show your own subtle elements(details) to anybody as all you will require is an email address. You can get or send online installments to other OKPay accounts, you can get a payment card and you can mechanize repeating payments to outsiders, you can likewise utilize this technique to exchange monetary standards(currencies). You can have as many wallets as you like and furthermore have as many as you like of various monetary standards(currencies) inside your wallet as you wish.
  • The third strategy is sending money to other individuals. Wiring money is basic utilizing the technique and expenses are as low as 1% of the aggregate sum. When you have sent money, the beneficiary simply needs to go to the nearest cash exchange outlet and give the sending details. He or she doesn’t have to really have an OKPay card himself. You can get money in either USD or EUR in more than 70 nations around the world.

Opening an Account with OKPay

To open an account with OKPay is free. You just need to visit the site and pick sign up. From here you will be asked to fill out the form and select on the off chance that you need a corporate account (in the event that you are a business) or an individual account. When you have filled out the form, you will get an email affirming your account. From here you can utilize the details you used to open the account to login specifically and begin executing.

Opening an Account with OKPay

How secure is OKPay?

It is exceptionally safe as there is a 2-step confirmation process for all transacts. Moreover, every client inputs security questions and answers. On the off chance that somebody taps on «Forgot Password», they will likewise need to answer the security questions which ensures against fake action or somebody attempting to hack into your account.

Here’s some other security convention set up by OKPay:

The OKPay site utilizes SSL innovation which is an additional layer of encryption, to secure any individual details entered on the site. You can see the site is private by the ‘s’ on the later part of http:

How OKPay Works

  • Both individual details and money related information are encoded on the OKPAY servers.
  • If you leave your PC unattended, you will be logged out following 10 minutes of dormancy
  • Display of the IP addresses that you have used to get to into your account enables you to perceive any suspicious action or anybody signing into your account from an IP address that you aren’t conversant with.
  • For you to sign-up an account you would have to confirm it through your email.
  • OKPay has established extreme passcode controls (upper and lowercase letters, digits and unique images, no less than 8 characters long).
  • You must change your passcode within 6 months’ interval.

Step by step instructions to store with OKPay

There are around 98 manners by which you can pay into your OKPay card. These incorporate the most well known strategies for Visa, Mastercard and wire payments in addition to all major electronic wallets.

OKPay Compared to Other Deposit Methods

OKPay is a fantastic strategy to use for paying money into your exchanging account. Nonetheless it seems very costly. While beating up from your Visa and Mastercard is free pulling out will cost you 4.00% + 7.00 GBP

There is however no upkeep and opening a record is likewise free.


OKPay is trusted over the world as a payment method. It can be utilized as an ewallet or as a payment card where you can pull back money from an ATM machine. You can screen your exchanges on the web and even set up repeating payments.


  • What are the merchants that accepts OKPay?

A portion of the main binary options merchants that acknowledge OKPay include: Binary Mate and uTrader.

  • Is it safe to utilize OKPay?

Truly. OKPay has executed some, to a great degree, tight measures with a specific end goal to ensure your details and monetary information are safe. These incorporates against hacking strategies, for example, 2 – step payment, security questions and SSL protection to encode information on their site.

  • Are there any cutoff points utilizing OKPay?

No. You can utilize it as you require, in spite of the fact that charges can be very high. Look at the fees page of the site to familiarize yourself with the charges.